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Soft Science Fiction


      By Beverly Knauer and Murray Rosenthal


Winner of the 2019 Florida Book Festival Award in Science Fiction

Recently placed on the endangered species list: humans

Volcanoes are erupting. Wildfires are scourging entire towns. Earthquakes are toppling cities while tsunamis drown the land and its people. With a series of terrifying disasters, Earth seems to be on a crash course to destruction. But why? What’s causing it? Will civilization survive?

Zac Sparkman, the progeny of two genius scientist parents, discovers he has a mysterious power that he struggles to keep hidden. Growing up in an unusual family with a Native American shaman and an unconventional uncle, Zac learns how science and esoteric wisdom combine into a world of knowledge completely new to him.

Over the years, Zac realizes his father had made a discovery that could change the world, and he endeavors to learn the secrets of his father’s hidden lab, his mind-blowing experiment, and his covert journal that the U.S. government would do anything to get its hands on.

Is Zac the source of Earth’s problems, or is he only the messenger?

The Exigent Earth is a soft science fiction/fantasy story for anyone who lives in this universe and is open to hearing its message.

One boy with an amazing gift … A government that’s desperate for his secrets … A world in dire straits … A haunting message to solve … Will humankind heed the warnings?

Will you?


To their friends in San Diego, Sophie and Neil Beaumont are a successful, happy couple. One rainy night in 1987, that illusion is shattered. As Sophie struggles to pick up the pieces of her life, she doubts that the aching hole in her heart will ever heal. But everything changes when her best friend’s child, Jonathan, is born. Feeling a sense of hope, she has an intuition that he will be a beloved soul she knew in a past life. Their strong connection inspires her to embark on a journey of personal transformation that changes the course of her life.


Prior to his birth, Jonathan and his team of spirit guides create his intricate soul plan. His life purpose is to share wisdom from the spirit world with others, to help them live their lives with less suffering. However, as the result of an unexpected event, he disconnects from the spirit world, and without access to that unique knowledge he was born with, he finds himself at the mercy of his own heartbreaking struggles. His spirit team is determined to help him meet his mission—after all, people like Sophie are depending on him. But can they find a way to help him awaken?


The Line Between is an inspirational story of hope, loss, friendship, forgiveness, transformation, and eternal love. It speaks the language of the soul and reminds us to embrace all of our life experiences—the everyday routine, the miraculously mesmerizing, and the rip-your-heart-out tragic moments—as equally meaningful.


11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) Winner, Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner, 14th Annual Best Book Awards Finalist, New Apple Book Awards for Excellence 2017 Solo Medalist Winner, Annual International Book Awards 2018 Finalist


2018 International Book Awards Winner
6th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner
11th Annual National Indie Excellence Award (NIEA) Finalist

 Aria and Jonathan Cohen live the good life. They have great jobs in the film industry, a lovely home in Beverly Hills, California, and an angelic five-year-old named Sammi. But something odd is definitely happening in the Cohen household. Sammi is experiencing the strangest nightmares, but she refuses to talk about them. Together, they embark on a mission to solve this mystery.


Olivia Buffet, age 32, owner of a yoga studio, has a harrowing secret she’s hesitant to share with anyone except her best friend, Jax. She thought she’d escaped from the life-and-death situation that hung over her like a black cloud, but now, strange incidents are happening. She wonders—is she still in danger?

Margo Phillips, turning 70 on her next birthday, is falling in love. She has lived alone since losing her family in a horrifying tragedy that changed the course of her life. Margo needs closure before she can commit to her new relationship, but she’s shocked at how the resolution manifests.

An otherworldly connection draws these individuals together for a very specific reason in a most unexpected way. They have no idea how their lives intersect until circumstances pull them all together for the most shocking and surprising revelation of their lives.

The Soul’s Hope is a magical story that explores the mystery and beauty behind the secrets of the universe. It’s fiction that feeds the soul.


The Exigent Earth

THE EXIGENT EARTH stands among the more important psychodramas of late – the story is beautifully crafted, the characters and situations are mesmerizing, and kick-in-the-gut message is one the reader will not forget. -Grady Harp  Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

A fascinating and thought provoking passionately written science-fiction story.

This outstanding book sends out a powerful and very strong message to its readers. Woven into a fascinating science-fiction plot is the fact that we are stewards of the world, its fate, and ultimately our own is in the hands of everyone. Mother earth is a strong spirit with incredible ways of protecting herself. Everyone is accountable, and can make a difference. As it says in the book “People must understand that it isn’t up to someone else to save them. Their power is within and always has been.”

This is an exciting story, passionately written. With space travel, biological weapons and incredibly thought-provoking content it really does makes compulsive reading – Highly recommended!"   Susan Keefe Midwest Book Review

The Line Between

The Line Between is another enchanting read by Beverly Knauer!! I so enjoyed getting to know the characters and I actually felt like I was on the journey with them. It is a story filled with hope and magic. I love love love the way this author makes me feel when reading her books. I highly recommend The Line Between for your summer read! -Georgia Irby

The Line Between is a deeply moving and inspirational book on the universal themes of loss, grief and suffering and the fortitude of the human spirit. From time to time life breaks everyone and losses leave gaping holes in the tapestry of our existence. And to move through life’s vicissitudes and its dualities often requires belief that everything happens and that there are no coincidences. Though the life story of her characters, the author shows us that the experiences we label as traumatic, heart-shattering and wrenching are part of the terms found in our soul contracts, terms we accepted and selected before we incarnated on earth. Pain often closes and constricts us, but if we remain open and observant, and especially if we still our minds, we can access messages and see the signs sent to us by our spirit guides. This book is a manifest of faith, hope and love; it affirms our natural inclination to find meaning in our life and to make sense of the events that often leave us in a state of suffering, shell-shocked disbelief and long-lasting bereavement. This novel is like a torch lighting the way out of darkness of despair toward a reaffirmation of life and its joys.- Jana Begovic, Author of Poisonous Whispers

The Soul's Hope

Beautifully written, wonderful insights in to character traits, settings and backgrounds that often pass you by without being noticed. It's this authors eye that brings it to life, which otherwise would go unnoticed. Having personally experienced tragedy, blame and the self destructive guilt that can follow such events, I hope the author does not mind me sharing one particular moment that really rocked me to my boots, with it's insight.
“Why would anyone really want closure?” Margo asked. “Why would anyone want to close the door on thoughts about a departed loved one? Grief will soften over the years after a loss, but the door to memories should always be open. I think we yearn to find a place of peace more than closure.- Shaun Green

I found The Soul's Hope enchanting, compelling and thought provoking to read! The story's characters are beautifully intertwined with each other to provide the reader with a story of hope about our connections to each other on this plane of existence. I came away with dozens of questions about what our purpose might be and how best to live out that purpose. Her first book, "The Line Between" , Beverly presents the pieces of a great puzzle that "The Soul's Hope"brings to fruition and completion. This is a book that is worth reading many times.......  Dorothy Russell


About The Author


Multi-award-winning author, Beverly Knauer, is devoted to giving her readers fiction novels that stimulate out-of-the-box, thought-provoking content that expands the mind and imagination. Through writing and teaching, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of esoteric wisdom.

During her career as Chief, Rehabilitation Services for the County of San Diego, she administrated and managed a program that provides physical and occupational therapy services for children with physical disabilities. After retiring from that position, her time was freed up to fulfill her passion for writing novels. She believes that fiction is a safe way to explore new ideas as it allows readers to gently trespass into the experiences of others in order to test out the waters before adopting the new concepts for themselves.


Since the first Earth Day that began as a national teach-in years ago, Beverly’s been an advocate for environmental protection awareness. She makes her home in San Diego, California.


About the Author

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